I first visited a number of primary schools in Phuket, Thailand, in January 2012. Phuket is the winter home for me and for my husband, a place where we relax and write – we are migratory animals too! As a break from writing and drawing, it was great to discover so many delightful primary schools on the island.

In my first tour, I introduced Patrick to nearly fourteen hundred children in seven schools : British International, Headstart, Kajonkiet Primary, Palm House, Phuket International Academy, QSI and Shining Stars.

Now, in March 2013, I have just started on my second round of visits to some of the above schools. I’ll tell you about those visits very soon. Meanwhile, here are some photos of Patrick talking to the lovely children of the Phuket International Academy.

Phuket-2 Phuket-3 Phuket-4 Phuket