I made my first schools trip to Bangkok at the end of November 2012. Patrick was very excited, as always – he loves Thailand and is practising saying ‘SaWaDee Khup!’ He joined me in seeing some fourteen hundred children in five schools : KIS International, Magic Years International Kindergarten, Singapore International, St. Andrews International (Dusit and Sukhumvit Campuses) and Wells International (On Nut and Thong-Lo Campuses).

Bangkok was unbelievably busy and taxis  were hard to find. One morning I went to a school on the back of a motorcycle taxi! Patrick was rather frightened and hid deep in my bag.

Here are some pictures of Patrick talking to various groups of children. He loves it when the children play at being parrots!

Bangkok-2 Bangkok-3 Bangkok-4 Bangkok-5 Bangkok-6 Bangkok