School Visits

Patrick the Parrot has been entertaining children from 4 to 11 years old with his story Patrick’s Birthday Message since December 2010.


So far, Patrick has spoken to over 35000 children in schools in Hong Kong, Dubai, England, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Rayong and Phuket). That’s quite exhausting even for a young African grey parrot like Patrick! And he’s not finished yet! You can read all about Patrick’s school visits by clicking on the menu above.

And now Patrick has been joined on his school visits by many more of his friends: Pilot and Skye the Arctic Terns, Cosmos the curious whale, Chameleon (who couldn’t change colour), Jed the hammerhead shark, Ndotto the baby elephant, and most recently by a group of animals who were desperate to cool down in the hot African sun.

The school visits have produced some interesting extremes, as well as some exhausting times for Patrick:

The largest group of children we have spoken to at one time was a hall of 450 children in Discovery Bay International School on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, while the smallest group was just nine children in the Mui Wo OWLS school, also in Hong Kong (and also on Lantau Island!)

The busiest day was in Dubai when Patrick and I talked to the eight groups of fifty children each in the Uptown School; eight sessions with almost no break in between them. We were both pretty squawked out by then!

But everywhere we go, children love Patrick and all the gang, and of course, the gang are always super-excited to meet the children.