Sri Lanka

We’re just back from a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka and four fabulous Gateway colleges. A very big thank you to Dr. H.K. Alles for inviting me and to the principals, teachers, staff, and children who made the visits such fun and organised everything so beautifully. Warm welcomes and smiles everywhere. We came home to… Continue Reading

Chameleon goes to Venice

Chameleon has two new friends in Venice. Twins Giada and Matteo were happy to add another book to their collection. Giada painted the chameleon at the back of the book. It is beautiful – well done, and thank you for the lovely photos.  Continue Reading

Alyssa’s Chameleon

A beautiful chameleon from Alyssa in Year 2 at Harrow. Isn’t it splendid? I think you should be an illustrator when you grow up! Thank you for your fabulous art work. Keep drawing! Lots of smiles, Gail Clarke Continue Reading

Bangkok and Rayong Book Tour

Patrick, Gilbert, Pilot, Skye, Cosmos, Chameleon and Jed-the-Hammerhead are really excited about their trip to Bangkok and Rayong starting on Wednesday. They are looking forward to seeing lots of new places and faces and making hundreds of new friends. Patrick even agreed to having a bath to smarten himself up a bit and Cosmos has been… Continue Reading

Kenya Chameleon

This wonderful chameleon from Simmie in Kenya finally made it to Phuket – what a long journey for a small creature! The heart on its body tells me it might just be the very rare and special Valentine’s Day chameleon. Just check out those feet – great for climbing! Well done Simmie, I’m really sorry the book has been… Continue Reading