March Phuket School Visits

Hi Everyone,

Patrick and friends had a wonderful time at Head Start School last week. We saw all the primary children and Cosmos loved showing them his tricks – ‘breaching’, ‘diving’ and ‘spy-hopping’. The children played the action game really well and Cosmos thought they made wonderful whales! We were all really impressed by how knowledgeable the children were about animals, migration and whales.

Patrick was thrilled to see so many old friends again and of course Great Grandpa Gilbert made an appearance so that everyone could sing him the Happy Birthday song. As usual he joined in the singing with wings flapping and lots of loud parrot squawks. At 103 years old he’s still very bright and lively! Both parrots enjoyed lots of hugs from the ‘small people’ in years one two and three.

Thank you to the fabulous duo Els Bellon and Nola Russell in the library for their enthusiastic support and warm welcome.

spy hopping diagramdiving diagrambreaching diagram

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