Fish Competition – Your Pictures

When I was writing the story of Cosmos the Curious Whale, I invited children from schools I was visiting at the time to send me paintings of tropical fish that Cosmos met on his journey.

Just look at all these amazing fish pictures I received! Aren’t they fabulous? I’ve put together these collages of artwork from various schools in Phuket, Hong Kong and Kenya.  I love them all and I’m delighted to say that I found room for all of them – over 450 pictures – in the book. They appear at the beginning and end of the story with the very best ones in the story itself.

Where’s my fish? See if you can find your picture? You might have to search very carefully for it.


Lots of smiles!

fish competition HS for website

fish competition KJ for website

fish competition BIS 2 for website BIS

fish competition BIS 1 for website BIS

fish competition email revised page 1

fish competition email revised page 2

fish competition ISF 1

fish competition ISF 2 for website

fish competition ISF 3 for website

fish competition Braeburn for website