The Chameleon Who Couldn’t Change Colour

Cover Chameleon peralta 300x300Chameleon is green from the top of his scaly head to the tip of his scaly tail. Not red; not blue; just green.

He knows he should be able to change colour but no matter how hard he tries he can’t do it. To make matters worse, all the creatures he meets want to see his clever colour-changing trick.

Let’s join Chameleon on his jungle walk and find out if he can learn the secret that every chameleon should know: how to change colour!

Chameleon’s story is also told in rhyme and there are tons of exciting chameleon facts included a well as four pages drawings of chameleons by children from around the world. Great for 4-9 year-olds.

Here are a few pages from the story. It all starts one day in the jungle when the creatures are waking up at dawn.

Chameleon Book Interior 7 Jan 20153


Chameleon has some breakfast –

Chameleon Book Interior 7 Jan 20155

Then he goes on a walk through the jungle where he meets a frog who wants him to change colour

Chameleon Book Interior 7 Jan 20156

But poor chameleon explains that no matter hard he tries, changing colour is one thing he just can’t do. Frog is not impressed.

Chameleon Book Interior 7 Jan 20157

Chameleon walks on where he meets a toucan who also wants him to change colour.


Chameleon Book Interior 7 Jan 20158

Unfortunately, toucan can’t help him. Later chameleon meets several other animals. But can chameleon find a way to change colour. It’s all revealed in the book!

The paperback is available from Amazon or by ordering from your local bookshop. If you would like a hardback version, you can order it through your local bookshop.