Sharks, Our Ocean Guardians

Shark Cover 300x300 for website rgbThis is a very special book that I wrote at the request of the amazing Shark Guardian charity run by Liz Ward-Sing and Brendon Sing. Shark Guardian is a UK charity which aims to advance the conservation of sharks and many other marine species for their sustainable management while protecting their natural environment. This is achieved through education,, skill development, conservation activities and promoting research projects.

Here’s what the book is about:

Two hundred million years before the birth of the first dinosaur, prehistoric sharks like these lived in rivers, lakes and seas. In these pages you will find a story of a special kind: How the sharks of long ago became the ones that we now know, and the important part they play in keeping our oceans healthy today.

Sharks – Our Ocean Guardians is available exclusively from the Shark Guardian website at

The book starts in prehistoric times

Shark Guardians Book HK LR4Shark Guardians Book HK LR5

Shark Guardians Book HK LR6Shark Guardians Book HK LR7

Then we meet the MEGALODON!

Shark Guardians Book HK LR8

And then in modern times we learn some shark facts

Shark Guardians Book HK LR10Shark Guardians Book HK LR11

And we meet Don and Izzie

Shark Guardians Book HK LR17

And finally we get to meet Jed, the Hammerhead.

Shark Guardians Book HK LR18And there’s lots more besides.

Visit the Shark Guardian Website to find out more and how to obtain your copy of Sharks, Our Ocean Guardians