Searching for Skye – An Arctic Tern Adventure

Skye Front Cover new 300x300pxSearching for Skye is the story of two baby Arctic terns, Pilot and Skye, who are born, like all Arctic terns, in the Arctic Circle. Soon after they learn to fly it is time for their first pole-to-pole migration with their parents. This is a marathon journey that all Arctic terns make every year of their lives. Just as they are about to leave Skye goes missing. What can the parents do?

Searching for Skye is also in rhyme and there’s lot of fascinating information about tern migration. Great for 5-9 year-olds.



Here are a few pages from the story. It starts on a shore in the Arctic as Pilot and Skye are about to hatch…

SFS excerpt 1


As the two chicks grow and learn to fly, Skye becomes a very daring young tern.

SFS excerpt 2


But she loses her way and in spite of looking everywhere, her parents can’t find her. What are they going to do? – the flock is about to start their migration to the Antarctic.

SFS excerpt 3


They have to hope for the best and leave with the flock. On the way they each have to decide which route they are going to take.

SFS excerpt 4

Find out what happens when they reach the Antarctic. Searching for Skye – An Arctic tern adventure has a total of 32 pages and includes a quiz based on information in the text of the story. The paperback version is available from Amazon or by ordering from your local bookshop. If you would like a hardback version, you can order it through your local bookshop.