Cosmos the Curious Whale


Cosmos Front Cover new 300x300 resWhen Cosmos the baby humpback whale learns about the creatures that live in the world, he wants to see some of them for himself. He sets off on an adventure to the South Pole to find polar bears and penguins. His whale friends try to warn him that he is making a big mistake but Cosmos is so excited about his plans that he won’t stop to listen.
Follow the brave baby humpback as he meets a huge turtle, swims into the arms of a giant squid, watches penguins at play and rescues a baby polar bear from being swept out to sea.
Cosmos’ story is told in rhyme and is great for 5-9-year-olds.

Here are a few pages from the story.

The ocean was quiet, the ocean was deep, some creatures were resting, some were asleep…

CTCW excerpt 1

As Cosmos grows, he becomes more and more curious about the world. And the more his mother tells him, the more he wants to see it. But he’s a little confused…

CTCW excerpt 2

He swims all the way to the Antarctic and finds thousands of penguins. But where are the polar bears?

CTCW excerpt 3

Then he swims all the way to the Arctic where at last he meets a polar bear. But she is very upset.

CTCW excerpt 4

Gail’s latest illustrated children’s book, Cosmos the Curious Whale, has a total of 40 pages including a page packed with extra facts about humpback whales. There are also four pages containing over 450 tropical fish drawn by children Gail visited in schools around the world when she was writing the story.

Find out how Cosmos helps the mother polar bear. Click here to buy the book. Enjoy!