Bangkok Patana Visit January 2018

The first book tour of 2018 and it will be hard to beat!

It started with a really enthusiastic and friendly welcome. I felt like a famous celebrity with children calling out from everywhere,“Hello Gailclarke!” (all one word!)

We enjoyed five fun-filled, action-packed days of presentations covering a wide variety of themes:-

  • We celebrated Patrick the Parrot’s special birthday with the Tiny Tigers,
  • We enjoyed the cheeky trick Mischievous Monkey played on the animals at the waterhole,
  • We had a whale of a time with Cosmos as he travelled from the Antarctic to the Arctic to see polar bears and penguins,
  • We learned about putting books together and
  • We talked about the impact of humans on rainforests and animal species.

I was delighted with the interest, and lively participation of all the children in the Primary department aged five to eleven and amazed by their knowledge and awareness of global concerns, as well as their understanding that we all need to do something about it! The safety of our planet could not be in better hands than those of all our Patana Planet Guardians.

The Early Years (two to four-year-olds) were a joy! They participated in the Parrot Dance, listened to the story and chatted to the puppets.

A HUGE ‘Thank you’ to

  • Miss Sally for making it happen and being there for so many of the presentations that I am sure she knows them by heart!
  • Mr Stephen Murgatroyd for his wholehearted support and also for attending so many presentations,
  • the library team whose help was fabulous – tireless, smiling and oh so efficient, and, of course,
  • to the children for being their lively, vivacious and charming selves.

Thumbs – up for Alessa

When Alessa was five, she listened to my book ‘Searching for Skye’ and asked her dad to teach her to read, ” because I really love the sound of the words.” Not an easy choice with words like ‘destination’ ‘migration’ and ‘mischievous’! But she succeeded and went on to make You Tube recordings of all my stories.… Continue Reading

Ellie’s Birthday Message

‘Ellie’s Birthday Message’ written, illustrated and performed by 6 year olds at Brighton College Bangkok and based on a story we know well! Congratulations to Year 2 and their teacher Nicola Wingfield for their brilliant and entertaining performance – all put together on Day 1!! FABULOUS! Click on the photo to see the video! Continue Reading

Brighton College Bangkok – a fabulous three day event

A fabulous, fun–filled, action–packed three days of storytelling, book sharing and writing workshops. Patrick, the puppets and I all had a wonderful time. A huge thank you to Nick Goligher for his wonderful organisation, the enthusiastic and welcoming staff, and the children who were delightful, fun and very creative. Miss Art did an amazing job of… Continue Reading

A Good Deed.

Two lovely university students came to my rescue in Bangkok recently. They didn’t have much English but, “Please, we’d like to help you,” was perfect! They carried my bags (books, puppets poster and all) as well as their own from the Bangkok BTS to school before turning back to go to their university which we had passed… Continue Reading

Bangkok 2017

An exciting trip to Rayong – so different, so rural and so quiet compared with Bangkok. Many thanks and a big smile for Snownoi for planning the Book Fair and my visits to REPS and Garden International School Rayong. We were welcomed with great energy and enthusiasm. A BIG thank you to Matthew and Cathie… Continue Reading

The Great Book Week Bake Off!

Just look at these fabulous cookies! What works of art. Thank you to Prim’s wonderful mum who created these splendid treats for the Book Week Bake-Off at St. Andrews, Dusit, Bangkok – far too good to eat! Lots of other magnificent creations – great job everyone! Continue Reading